Somali Cat (SOM)


Body 30
Head 25
Coat 20
Color 25 

The Somali cat has posture  elegant, muscular and the look is very proud, posing as a cat very agile and active in the movements and fantastic hunter.
The medium long coat with a uniform base color and Ticked at the end appears very similar to the color of the desert sand, so much so that it perfectly camouflages the environment in which it normally lives.


The general impression is of an agile cat of medium but elegant structure with soft lines all over the body like gentle hills that alternate with each other, there are no sharp edges or broken lines but one can only guess at looking  him that the perfect wild predator.


medium structure very refined in shape without any gleaning or coarseness, the shoulders and back of the body are of the same size and the spine has a slight curvature, typical of a spine that extends very well during hunting.
The chest is of medium structure and fits perfectly in the width of the shoulders, seen from the side the body must have the impression of a medium rectangle very proportionate also in height, not too heavy and not too light visually, with an elegant neck of medium length, where the head is born in harmony and well proportioned with the structure of the body.

Paws and feet

Very muscular medium-length bone with elongated but not apparently strong muscles, but elegant and very well proportioned to the body.
The feet are oval in shape and do not rest heavily on the floor, but ready for jump.
Front fingers 5 and back 4, are disqualified polydactyly fingers.


Triangle modified in full proportion with the body, with soft and continuous lines around the whole head, the profile of the nose is of medium length and slightly concave with gentle contours from the chin to the forehead. Passing a finger lightly on the overhead should not feel flat but soft lines that continue from the forehead to the arch of the neck and between one ear to another.
The lateral parts of the triangle of the head have not hint pinches  or depression but continuous and soft lines that follow each other up to the line of the ears, this head shape is very aerodynamic and the slightly rounded contours are the full demonstration of this.


Nose, muzzle will be of medium roundness, not pointed or too developed, the lines that start from them continue to form a medium roundness to the jaw which on adult cats is well developed, but never elusive, a straight line starts from the tip of the nose to the chin.
The skin of the nose is bordered with a darker line as well as the lips.


They are of medium size and very well proportioned to the structure of the head, the base must be wide, the points of lateral and medial conjunction of the ear pavilion must be well aligned as if a soft virtual line passes over the overhead and joins the extreme point of ear to ear.
The auricle is medium round and well open with the tip of medium roundness, the whole pavilion is slightly facing the front.
The ears are very sensitive to any noise more than the other breeds, placing themselves quickly towards the origin of the sound and this is why this cat appears with a very lively attitude.


almond shape of medium size and medium distance between them, they are neither too oriental or too rounded and the color varies from green to bright yellow and uniform, the skin of the eyes are edged with a darker line and have a deep look wild.


Medium longer same size from tail base till to shoulder and medium thickness, it continue slightly till to the end with tip semi round shape.
Full of long coat soft and silky in touch but full of undercoat like to the fox impression.

Preface for the coat

This is an Agouti cat (A) and the Ta gene of the ticked design is a dominant gene compared to the other tabby genes and distributes the color bands of each individual hair uniformly, therefore the fur does not have striped designs but has the apricot color base with only the darker tips varying according to the genetic color of the cat, black, blue, red, fawn.
The skin of the nose, eyes and lips are edged with a darker line.
It is also a cat with long air and the correspondent gene for longer coat is (l)
Is possible to couple with abyssinian cat (L)


Medium long close to the body, elastic  and really soft and silky in touch, the fine coat must be dense full of undercoat is more longer on shoulder and flank and bit shorter on head and neck.
The undercoat is uniformly warm in color with no gray on the shoulders, legs and chest.
Very shiny all over the body, warm base, the single hair has light and dark bands (On - Off) creating a pattern like many dots called Ticked and ends with the darker tip.
It must not have hints of tabby design on the legs, rings on the neck, chest and tail, no spotted under the belly, but the whole body must have a uniform warm base with the ticked well expressed and uniform without forming any line on the spine from the neck to the base of the tail, but may be slightly darker than the base color.
The tip of the tail is darker, the fingertips coat is more darker in color and fades to the paw.
on the face the color must be slightly lighter around the eyes, mouth and chin, never white.


Discolored skin.
Long head shape, oriental type or short burmese type
Under gray fur or stripes on the legs, rings on the chest or tail
White spots on the chest or belly
Knots in the tail
Squinting eyes


Black or Ruddy (n)

Apricot colored under fur with burnt sienna earth and black tips.
The belly and the inside of the thighs of intense apricot color in harmony with the base color.
Brick red nose skin edged with a darker line,
The skin of the fingertips black or dark brown the hairs around the fingertips are dark to the paw fading into the basic color.

Blue (a)

Pale beige under fur with beige fur base and dark blue tips.
the belly and the inside of the thighs pale beige in harmony with the base color.
Old pink nose skin edged with a darker line,
The skin of the fingertips mauve the hairs around the fingertips are blue up to the paw blending into the basic color.

Red or cinnamon (d or o)

Orange colored fur with red fur base and dark chocolate or cinnamon tips.
the belly and the inside of the thighs are orange or red in harmony with the base color.
Pink nose skin edged with a darker line,
The skin of the chocolate or dark cinnamon fingertips the hairs around the fingertips are dark to the paw fading into the basic color.
It is possible that in some bloodlines the O (orange) gene has been inserted so the base color is bright red with brick red tips.

Fawn (p)

Under pinkish beige color fur with cocoa fur base and dark cocoa tips.
The belly and the inside of the thighs are pinkish beige in harmony with the base color.
Salmon pink nose skin with a darker line,
The skin of the pink or dark cocoa fingertips the hairs around the fingertips are dark to the paw fading into the basic color.