Part 21 - Permission procedure

21.1. Judge License is valid for a year, with initial issue being free after exams. Reissues cost €30, €40 for late application.

License holders are to remember their expiry dates, with proof of payment and passport photo being necessary for future reissue applications. WOC Judges are to submit their reissue applications via official WOC software suite. 

21.2. Judge License may be reissued within the grace period of 2 months after previous license expiration. Commission reserves the right to deny reissue in case of supplied documents being not original and/or missing, in case of missing payment, in case of previous or ongoing disciplinary hearings, in case of application being submitted after the 2 month grace period. 

21.3. License owners will have their submitted contact information, including address, tel./fax number, e-mail address, attested categories and validity periods displayed at the WOC web-portal. License owners will have their submitted contact information visible during the grace period of 2 months after license expiration, with data being hidden if no application for reissue is submitted within that time. 

21.4. WOC Judges are reimbursed of their travel, catering and hotel expenses at the show, with additional favors or small presents being given at clubs’ discretion. 

21.5. The WOC judge are allowed to judge at any other felinological system and/or independent clubs with WOC board permission. The request for permission should be forwarded to Judge commission in advance (minimum 30 days). The application should contain the follow information:
Invited system, Show date, City, Country and any other information that can help to judge commission.