Part 20 - Rights and duties of WOC judges

20.1. No judge may be a member, director or judge of any other organization having objects similar to WOC (World Organization of Cats)

20.2. A WOC judge may not be forced to give cat a title certificate, neither either by the organizing club or any person.

20.3. A WOC judge is not obliged to accept an student at a show, but should provide sound reasons for rejection.
No more than one student may be assigned per judge.

20.4. A WOC judge may only vote in the Best in Show for participants from their licensed categories.

20.5. A WOC judge is not allowed to award CACM and CAPM titles at non WOC-member club shows.

20.6. An officiating judge may only exhibit his cats out of competition, also cats that live in his household.

20.7. Should a WOC Judges change their club membership, they are obliged to within 4 weeks inform the Judge Commission.

20.8. If a direct air transfer is possible, judges are to always opt for it. Fastest and competitively priced flights are to be used for show arrival. For instance: RIX - IST flight should not include an SVO transfer if possible. The luggage up to 25 kilogram must be included for judge travel.

20.9. If a direct air transfer is possible, judges are to always opt for it. Fastest and competitively priced flights are to be used for show arrival. For instance: RIX - IST flight should not include an SVO transfer if possible. 

20.10. Judges are to be reimbursed their travel and catering expenses on their way to and back from the show. Up to  €150 should be compensated without question, if check or other proof of payment is provided. Should travel expenses exceed  €150, the judge should inform the show host at least 30 days in advance, show host should inform the Show Commission as well.

20.11. Clubs are not pressured into giving expensive (upwards of €30) gifts to judges. Should a club decide to give an expensive present - they do so on their own volition. 

20.12. The club is NOT obligated or pressured to compensate any other expenses the judge may have (like dog nanny, private shopping, etc) 

20.13. The clubs are not pressured to provide excursions and free time activities for arriving judges. 

20.14. Should a judge arrive by car - their travel expenses are calculated as follows: 0,4 euro cents per kilometer traveled, or as per mutual agreement between parties.

20.15. Judges should be accommodated in a 3-star hotel room or better, a room should have a double bed, dedicated shower, hot water, clean and fresh towels and breakfast at the very least. The room should be suitable for sleep and rest. Only one judge may be accommodated per room, or two if they are a couple and upon mutual agreement. 

20.16. Judges are to arrive at the show at least one day prior to show (usually on friday), or on show day morning if they are local. The judges are to leave home after final BIS or the next day. Longer stay should be negotiated with the club and should normally be paid for by a judge. 

20.17. The club is to provide judges with sufficient catering, which should include: Friday - dinner Saturday - breakfast, lunch and dinner Sunday - breakfast, lunch, dinner Monday - breakfast In case of early departure of the judge from the show the club should pay the dinner in an amount not higher than 15 euro. If the judge does not want to join Friday dinner the club should compensate the judge in the amount of 10 euro. 

In case of early departure the judge should still be provided with a dinner or an extra compensation of €15.

20.18. The club is to provide judges’ accommodation with at least 2 (two) bottles of water or similar refreshments per day of staying, as well as have a water bottle per judging table, with extras (no limit) 

20.19. Should a judge go through the visa obtaining process for arrival, they may request a compensation by providing a visa and invoice scans, as well as inviting club credentials to the Show Commission. Judges are discouraged from abusing this privilege and should not demand reimbursement of single visa expenses from multiple clubs.

20.20. Judges being the free persons have a protected right of freedom of speech and expression, although we encourage that dignity and decorum are not forgotten at the exhibition and inappropriate statements are not made.

20.21. In his free time from judging, as well as before and after the exhibition, the judge is free to be dressed in any clothing. However, during the exhibition itself, the style of clothing should be casual or formal. Unduly exposed clothing that distracts from work, untidy appearance, and foreign odors are signs of disrespect to the participants of the exhibition and are not allowed. 

20.22. It is also strictly forbidden to attend the exhibition under the influence of alcohol or drugs.