Part 23 - Preconditions for Student Judge activity

To join the WOC Judges education program the trainee is to forward their application to the WOC Judge commission and to receive a commendation. The following documents should be forwarded to Judge commission with request: 

23.1. Candidates are to have at least 3 years of WOC club membership on application day, an evidence note from the club, completed with signature and stamp is required.

23.2. Candidates are to collect at least 200 points as a trainee at WOC shows. An evidence note from the club, completed with signature and stamp is required. 

23.3. Candidates are to have at least 5 cats worth of breeding experience, with 3 cats having Gr.Eur.Ch title under the belt, at least. Evidence of felinologic achievement (Diplomas, Title certificates, judging lists) are to be sent to the Judge Commission. The cats in question are to be of their own breeding, cats purchased from third parties do not count.

23.4. A payment €40, as per fees list, is required. 

23.5. Candidates are to be at least 25 years of age. 

Should the Judge commission validate the data, a candidate may start their apprenticeship as Student Judges, and may later be approved to join the Judge training program.

23.6. Student activity (phase 1) Students are given at least 48 months to gather experience and recommendations:

23.6.1. During this period students are to have at least two cats from any two hair groups score the title of Eur.Ch. The cat in question should be verified as in trainee’s personal possession. 

23.6.2. Students are to visit catteries in another country or region: at least one cattery breeding the same cats as theirs, and another cattery dealing with a different breed or hair group. Two days’ worth of visits per cattery.

23.6.3. The Student Judge is to gather 750 apprenticeship points at National, International and Winner Shows. Point gain is explained in Form 5.

23.7. Student Judge Instruction:

23.7.1. Student (Phase 1): Show hosts are encouraged to direct at least one as an assistant to help and learn from invited judges. 

23.7.2. Students are to send applications to the WOC Judge Commission before the show. 

23.7.3. Applications are to be sent via Official Web-Portal

23.7.4. Student Judges are to receive the confirmation from the Judge Commission, confirming their apprenticeship at a given show. The confirmation letter is sent to the student, show host and selected invited judge. 

23.7.5. The payment of €30 is required (and is later deducted from club’s total hosting fees). 

23.7.6. The payment of €30  is not refunded upon application rejection. 

23.7.7. Applications are forwarded to selected judges and a hosting club by the Judge Commission. 

23.7.8. Received permission is to be printed on paper and presented to the judge and show host at the start of the show. Judges are to have this permit visible on table by their badge. 

23.8. Student Judges at the show: 

23.8.1. Students are to accompany judges during their classical judgment activities up until the BIS.

23.8.2. Students are discouraged from commenting on judges’ decisions, as well as from discussing said decisions with participants. 

23.8.3. Students are encouraged to introduce themselves to participants coming for judgment. 

23.8.4. Students are encouraged to wear appropriate and formal costumes at the show. 

23.8.5. Students should not accompany judges during the BIS. 

23.8.6. Students are discouraged from going out for lunch with judges. Clubs do not normally cover students’ expenses at the show, the Commission may inquire and check clubs’ payment documents. 

23.8.7. Students are encouraged to lunch at a different place or time, separate from the judges, to avoid any informal interaction between two parties. 

23.8.8. Students are discouraged from commenting on club and/or judge activity on their social media platforms for at least one (1) year after the show.

23.8.9. Students are strongly discouraged from introducing their cats to judges, both before, during and after the show. 

23.9. The Commission reserves the right to punish clubs and/or judges violating these rules.