Part 1 – Definitions

1.1. Adult cat: A cat, age of 10 months to 8 years (96 month).

1.2. Kitten: A cat, age 3 months to 6 months, not a day more.

1.3. Junior: A kitten, which is at least 6 months old, but not older than 10 months, even not one day older

1.4. Neuter (alter): A neutered male or spayed female cat.

1.5. Veteran: A cat, age of 8 years or more.

1.6. Vet control: Every participating animal (cat) has to undergo a veterinary check-up before registration on a show. Veterinary regulations are issued by local legislators and may be different by area. We encourage adhering to local rules. All clubs are encouraged to respect and follow their national law.  

1.7. Exhibitor: The owner or his agent exhibiting the cat

1.8. Judge: A felinology expert holding a WOC Judge license, given to those successfully passing their exams and exceeding WOC requirements. 

1.9. Special (SP) Judge: A judge who has passed their exam on at least two hair groups (SH+SIAORI or LH+SLH).

1.10. Special (SP) Approved Judge: A judge who has passed their exams on two categories and now able to lend their services as a Judge in their category or attend as a Student Judge in another category to gather Student Certificates from invited All Breed Approved judges.

1.11. All Breed (AB) Judge: A judge who has passed their exam on all categories.

1.12. All Breed (AB) Approved Judge: A judge registered and licensed by WOC as such.

1.13. Guest Judge: A judge from a different felinological organisation, not currently a WOC member, who however fulfills all WOC requirements and is licensed by WOC Judge Commission.

1.14. Good standing: Each member in good standing, one whose dues are paid and who has no outstanding indebtedness to WOC or to any WOC club, and who is not/was not on the Temporary Suspension List on the qualifying date, who was a member in good standing 3 months prior to the first day of the month in which a ballot is to be mailed, shall be eligible to vote. 

1.15. Traditional judgment: The established Show format  with on-table expertise and written descriptions given out to breeders.