Part 22 - Judge classification

22.1. In WOC the follow judge classification are exist: 

22.1.1. AB Approved judge (Phase 5)

22.1.2. AB judge (Phase 4)

22.1.3. SP Approved judge (Phase 3) 

22.1.4. SP judge (Phase 2) - Judge in Training

22.1.5. Student (Phase 1) - Student Judge 

22.1.6. Trainee (Phase 0) - Steward 

22.2. AB approved Judge (Phase 5) - The highest class of WOC judges. These experts are allowed to judge at all WOC shows (World Show, Winner Show, International Show, National Show, National SP Show, On-Line show). These experts are trusted to host master classes and spearhead felinological education, as well as issuing commendations necessary for lower level judges (Phase 1 to Phase 4) to progress. 

22.3. AB Judge (Phase 4) -  The AB Judge, having passed exams for all hair categories. These experts can judge at WOC shows: International, National, Winner, World (sp). The application for AB Approved Judge should be forwarded to the Judge commission. 

22.4. SP Approved Judge (Phase 3) - This is the judge who has 2 hair categories attested (LH=LH+SLH or SH=SH+SIA/ORI+HL). These judges are allowed to judge at most WOC shows: International, National, Winner (sp), World (sp). However, they are given a period of at least 24 months to accumulate 1000 points as a student, while it is impossible to provide judge service and be a student fat the same show. A recommendation from the Judge Commission, Regional Director and two thirds of Board votes are necessary for final exam permission, as well as the payment of €300.

22.5. SP judge (Phase 2) - A beginner judge, having just attested for two hair categories (LH+SLH or SH+SIA/ORI+HL) and now starting their career as a WOC Judge. During the period of 24 to 48 months these judges can not request to be moved to Phase 3. Those judges can not receive student certificates. Those judges can judge at following WOC shows: International, National, Winner(sp), World (sp). 

22.6. To be moved to Phase 3 these judges are to receive 1000 points as a student, a commendation from Judge commission, recommendation from Show Commission, as well as 5 recommendations from AB judges and ⅔ of Board votes. A payment of €30 is required for a request.

22.7. Student (phase 1 and 3) certification guidelines. 

22.7.1. Certified judges are to fill their students’ Form 6 after each show day. Filled forms are to be collected by student and later provided to the Judge Commission. A Form 6 may only considered genuine when it is signed by the judge and show secretary, as well as stamped by the club.

22.7.2. Clubs are to forward their Form 7 to Show Commission no later than 14 days after the show. Only upon providing their Form 7 a club is eligible for €30 refund. 

22.7.3. A Form 6 is not valid without a corresponding Form 7