Part 24 - Guest judges

24.1. Temporary license may be given to a judge, member of a non-WOC club, should they be a member of a legitimate and registered organisation. The license is issued in a similar fashion to an ordinary WOC Judge license. 

24.2. Guest judges are to pass an abridged felinologic exam once, and having shown satisfactory results are granted a permit as per WOC requirements.

24.3. Guest judges are to pass the official class on WOC method of operation, covering show rules, classes and other aspects. The WOC  Board/Commission seminar is to be paid as per WOC fee list. 

24.4. WOC reserves the right to seal the mutual recognition agreement with another organisation, expediting the guest judge approval process for experts from said federation. WOC vows to maintain guest judges’ license throughout the contract period, even in the unlikely case of breaking the mutual recognition agreement by either side.

24.5. This rule is valid for all new requests..    

24.6. Organisations willing to hire non-licensed experts are to provide examination and qualification proofs to the Judge Commission for evaluation at show licensing stage. 

24.7. Should the Commission find provided proof genuine and qualification satisfactory, an expert in question may be approved for judging specific categories at show. 

24.8. The verification is good for one show only, and incurs a fee of 30 euro per show. 

24.9. Qualification verification is not an equivalent to a WOC Judge license, and does in itself not grant the expert a Guest Judge status. 

24.10. Should WOC have a mutual recognition agreement with an organisation, experts licensed by said organisation do not have to go through the process of qualification verification.