Part 8 - Show rules

Procedures and advice for various show levels:

National and international WOC show (following regulation is best referred to for guidance, and may vary depending on the location of the show, number of exhibitors, number of experts, etc.)

The exhibitor may be denied entry/participation in the organization's shows without explaining the reason.

 Before The Show (BS)

8.1. Hosting club is to provide invited experts with the following information no later than 48 hours before the show: - Who is to meet and greet the expert, when and where, meeting person’s basic credentials and contact phone number. - Exact show location (including a complete address in case the expert has to get to the site on their own). - Organising party’s contact phone numbers (with backup contacts ideally, in case a person may not be reached otherwise). - List of breeds and a number of cats to receive judgement in a day. - Show schedule, including beginning and end times, is to be sent to experts and uploaded on TOPCAT show info.  

8.2. Should an expert work with breeds that do not have their standard uploaded on WOC website, the Club is to request said standard from the WOC Show Committee.

8.3. Before finalising a show schedule it is best to take care and include lunch breaks, award ceremony and photo sessions, as well as BIS and prize preparation times.

During the Show at the table (DST) 

8.4. Every judge is to be provided a copy of show schedule.

8.5. Every judge is to be provided a steward, if a steward is unavailable, the show host must ask the judge how they would like to invite the exhibitors.

8.6. Average judgement time per animal should not exceed 3 minutes. This timing was deemed enough to examine, evaluate and to provide a short description of the animal, if necessary. Judge is to ask the exhibitor if they would want an examination protocol. If otherwise - judge is to put “Owner refuses” along with date and time. Should an expert's signature be on said protocol - it is to be crossed out. - recommended time per examination protocol is 1-2 minutes.

During the show at the Ring (DSR)

Ring and show mode of operation:

  • Cats are to be removed from the cage and promptly put on the table.
  • A pair of sentences and up to a minute must be enough to describe an animal.
  • 5-7 minutes tops should be enough to finalise rankings and to fill the protocol.
  • 10 finalists may be described in greater detail, 1,5 minutes per animal should suffice.