Part 3 - WOC show activities

3.1. All WOC Rings are to be licensed in accordance with corresponding show status.  

3.1.1. Events and competitions are to be judged by judges, listed in parent show license. 

3.1.2. Minimal number of participants is 4. 

3.1.3. Up to 10 winning positions per show. 

3.1.4. WOC events and competitions are permitted on all WOC shows, but should not interfere with or damage Judges’ primary work. 

 3.1.5. Only recognized breeds can participate at WOC additional competitions. Out Of Competition cats are not allowed to participate in WOC additional competitions. 

 3.1.6. Only those cats receiving their judgment by an invited judge may join WOC additional competitions. 

 3.1.7. Only judges who are holding a judge’s permission for the categories of the cats participating in the additional competition can judge that competition. 

3.2. WOC Rings

WOC Adult Ring  - All cats in the Adult Age Group (10 months and older) can participate. Neuters may not apply. 

WOC Kitten/Junior Ring - All cats in the Kitten Age Group (3 to 6 months old) or Junior Age Group (6 to 10 months old) can participate. Neuters may not apply. 

WOC Neuter Ring  - All cats in the Neuter or Spay group may participate. HHP and Litter classes may not apply. 

WOC HHP Ring - All cats in the HHP class.

3.3. Winner Ring participation

Cats, receiving their 1st and 2nd place in WOC Adult Ring and/or WOC Neuter Ring are eligible for participation. Certificates confirming said achievements are required.  

3.3.1. Winner Ring - Once per year per region

Winner Ring may be held in any region once a year on a licensed Winner Show and/or World Show. Separate Winner Rings are held for Adult and Neuter groups. 

3.3.2. WOC Double Winner Ring

Having scored their 1st or 2nd place in a WOC Winner Ring, cats are entitled to participate in a WOC Double Winner Ring. Remaining rules are the same like in the WOC Winner Ring.

3.3.3. WOC Triple Winner-Ring

Having scored their 1st and 2nd place in a WOC Double Winner Ring, cats are entitled to participate in a WOC Triple Master Ring. Remaining rules are the same like in the WOC Winner Ring.

3.3.4. Applying to host a Winner Ring

WOC Show Commission reviews applications for Winner Ring hosting, sent together with corresponding Show Hosting applications.

3.3.5. WOC Winner Ring Judge qualification

Only those Judges licensed to provide judgment of participating cat breeds may manage a Winner Ring.

3.3.6. Prize pools

Up to 10 winning positions may be awarded in a Winner Ring, regardless of the number of participants

3.3.7. Merged Winner Ring 

If there are fewer than 4 Adults and Neuters among the participants - a merged Winner Ring can be held, one for multiple participating groups.

3.3.8. Split Winner Ring

If there are more than 39 participants total, the Winner Ring may be split in a similar fashion to a WOC Ring, so long as the number of participants in both rings is greater than 4.

3.4. Mono Breed show (Special Show):

Mono Breed Show is a contest, where all competitors are of the same breed, or of closely related breeds.

E.g.: KBS + KBL, SFS + SCS, BRI + BLH, SIA + ORI, SRS + SRL, PER + EXO, ACS + ACL, etc.

Participants may not be of a breed not related to the contest.

Mono Breed Show (Special Show) name is to reflect participant breed and features. 

Age Groups in Mono Breed Show are:

- Litter
- Kitten
- Junior
- Adult
- Neuter
- Veteran

Participating groups (Litter Group being the exception) are subdivided into two groups by sex. In Final Stage the best cat from each group is selected and is granted the Best In Group title and the cat of opposite sex will held the title of Best oposite sex at the group. Among the Best In Group finalists the Best of Mono Breed Show is chosen. 

3.5. Fun-Show

3.5.1. Fun Shows are to be named in accordance with participants grouping factor.

3.5.2. Fun Show Participants are to be selected and grouped for competition according to their

- coloration (2 attributes)
- pattern (1 attribute)
- breed(s) (2 attributes)
- hair group (type)
- eye colour (1 attribute)
- sex (1 attribute)
- breed origin (1 attribute).

3.5.3. "Exotic Breed Show" - allowed when there are less than 4 specimen of said breed on show.