Part 4 - Best in Show

Part 4 - Best in Show (General regulations, preparation before hosting)

4.1. Adult participants are divided into following groups: - Longhair group (LH) - Semilonghair group (SLH) - Shorthair group (SH) - Shorthair Oriental group (SOSH) - Hairless group (HL)

4.2. For a group to be separated in Best in Show, it has to be represented by no less than 15 cats participants receiving judgment on that show day.

4.3. Groups represented by less than 15 participants are merged as follows: - LH with SLH - SOSH with SH - HL with SOSH

4.4. Should a breed be represented by more than 15 participants (receiving their judgment on that show day), it has an option of being separated as a group in Best in Show, given that the remaining hair group is still represented by no less than 15 participants. Breed varieties are considered separate breeds for this purpose, merged varieties may not be separated into a Best in Show group.

4.5. Up to 8 groups (up to 5 Base and up to 3 additional) may appear in Best in Show.

4.6. Participants can either be nominated for Best in Show in their breed group or in their breed, depending on Show Host decision.

4.6.1. Judges have the following nominations for participants within Show Classes: 

 - Litter (no less than 3 kittens) aged 3 to 6 months
- Kitten male aged 3 to 6 months
- Kitten female aged 3 to 6 months
- kitten neuter aged 3 to 6 months
- Kitten spay aged 3 to 6 months
- Junior male aged 6 to 10 months
- Junior female aged 6 to 10 months
- Junior neuter aged 6 to 10 months
- Junior spay aged 6 to 10 months
- Veteran male (Neuter) 96 months and older
- Veteran female (spay) 96 months and older
- Neuter aged 10 to 96 months
- Spay aged 10 to 96 months
- Honour Prize Adult and Neuter aged 10 to 96 months
- Honour Prize Female and Spay aged 10 to 96 months
- Adult male aged 10 to 96 months
- Adult female aged 10 to 96 months

Number of nominees per judging protocol is not arbitrarily limited and is negotiated by Show Host and expert parties.

4.7. Household Pet (HP) are nominated for Best in Show with no age differentiation

4.8. Breeds not yet recognized by WOC, as well as participants with not recognized colour are not nominated for Best in Show.

4.9. Should more than one judgment be licensed on a show day, participants may only be during their first judgment.

4.10. Judges are to fill and always sign their nominee lists. Judges are free to put their personal stamps, yet may not be forced to do so. Nominee lists are directed to the show’s Commission together with other expertise documents. Unsigned nominee lists are not valid, use of unsigned nominee lists may and will void show results.

Best in Show (regulations)

4.11.1. Litter category

A number of litters from various hair groups compete. A single litter is awarded the “Best Litter” title.

4.11.2. Kitten, Junior, Neuter, Veteran and HHP category Following show classes compete:

- Kitten (3 to6 months) - Junior (6 to 10 months) - Kitten Neuter (3 to 6 months) - Junior Neuter (6 to 10 months) - Neuter/Spay (10 months or older) - Veteran (96 months or older) - Household Pet (HHP class)

Categories mentioned above are further separated by show class and sex. Each show class has a single Best Male and Best Female champion, while neutered participants compete for their Best Neuter and Best Spay title.

When a show class has its Best Male and Best Female champions – the two compete once more to be awarded their Best (kitten, junior, e.t.c.) and Best Opposite sex (kitten, junior, etc.) titles.

4.11.3. Adult Category

Adult and productive participants from various show classes (CAC - CACM) compete. Adult cats compete within their show class and are further separated by sex. Each show class has a single Best Male and Best Female champion, who then compete for the right to participate in Best of Best competition, with runner-ups receiving their Best Opposite Sex titles. Best of Best, the ultimate title, is awarded in the final competition among the champions of respective hair groups or represented breeds. In the Best of Best competition the best participants, numbering 2 (LH+SLH, SH+SOSH+HL joint groups) to 8 (5 Base groups and up 3 represented breed groups), are presented to the judges. Each judge re-evaluates the contestants and comes up with a standing for every one of them. Show manager sums suggested standing for every participant (the less standing points one has the better) and comes out with final placements. Should 2 or more contestants have similar standing, they are once again presented to judge committee to break the tie. Should invited judges not come to a consensus, the Show Manager then breaks the tie by a coin toss, or some other draw of their choosing.

4.11.4. HP Category: HP Adult, HP Neuter/Spay

Participants in Honor class fall into this group. These cats do not compete with other classes in Best in Show, and may not be merged with Adult and Honor Adult classes in Best in Show. World Champions and World Premiors, having reached the ripe old age of Veteran, may continue competing in Best in Show in their customary classes, now named Honor Prize Adult, Honor Prize Neuter/Spay.

4.11.5. Best General

Each show day culminates in a Best General competition. Champions from various shows and activities (WOC Ring, Fun Shows, Breed Shows’ Best in Breeds), as well as champions from all Best in Show classes, except for Litter and HHP, are invited to compete. Best General winners from both show days are competing for the Best Supreme title.

4.11.6. Best Supreme is the final competition, summarizing both days of the show.

Best General title holders from both days compete against each other, the winner is awarded the Best Supreme title.
One-day shows may not host a Best Supreme competition. 

5.7. Every Best is Show document is to be signed by all invited judges, show manager, and is to bear a Hosting Club’s stamp.