Commissions and Committees

To make our processes more efficient and effective a number of commissions were dedicated in WOC. Each Commission benefits from our dedicated team of software engineers to and utilises latest IT solutions and scientific approach in its work, as well as maintains high level of coordination and integration with other Commissions and WOC Board. We are most proud of openness and transparency WOC demonstrates in its practices and shares with its partners.

Show Commission:

The task of the Show Commission is to coordinate the exhibition process, monitor compliance with and clarify the exhibition rules. 

Judge Commission:

Judge Commission is dedicated to monitor and bolster the training and ethical conduct of WOC judges, as well as to provide second opinion on judge-related topics. 

Standard Commission:

Standard Commission is just about the most important one for cat owners, breeders and judges, as working together with them creates, updates and maintains breed standards. Highly coordinated with other commissions it is able to streamline the process further, while being more agile and flexible to respond to new trends.

Disciplinary Commission:

Investigating elevated and forwarded cases the Disciplinary Commission provides valuable judgment on acts of rule violation, protecting our members from injustice and bad actors it is given instruments to enforce the rules and dispense punishment for offenders.

Arbitration Commission

The arbitration Commission resolves all disputes arising from relations within the WOC.

Breeder Committee:

Breeder Committee is there to coordinate and consult breeders, keeping abreast of breeding trends and working together with Standard Commission. “WOC Approved cattery” project and others are direct responsibilities of Breeder Commission. 

Education Committee:

WOC’s Education Committee is responsible for education and training processes in our organisation. Currently the Education Commission is creating modern and easily understandable guides for WOC member clubs and breeders. 

Scientific Committee:

Our unique Scientific Commission was put in place to coordinate and support feline genetic research, as well new breed development.




Show Commission: 
Mrs. Irina Dmitrieva - Chairwoman 
Penza, Russia

Frau Heike Wolfgang
Leipzig, Germany, *

Herr Ralf Wolfgang
Leipzig, Germany, *

udge Commission: 
Mrs. Olga Feldman - Chairwoman 
Bad Nauheim / Hessen, Deutschland

Standard commission:
Mr. Tomas Morgan - Chairman
Birmingham, United Kingdom, *

Disciplinary Commission: 
Mrs. Nadja Bordo - Chairwoman 
Wien, Österreich

Frau Anna Köhler 
Wien, Österreich, *


Breeder Committee: 
Mrs. Sara BenMoran - Chairwoman (appointed by the board (AV))
Tel Aviv - Jaffa, Israel

Education Committee: 
Mrs. Elena Koltsova - Chairwoman 
Petrozavodsk, Russia

Science Committee:
Mr. Tomas Morgan - Chairman
Birmingham, United Kingdom, *

* - According to the internal regulations and the procedure for processing all incoming requests - all correspondence should be sent to the address of the General Secretary