Part 30 - New Club Instruction List

30.1. Intro:

In preparing your application for membership, please consider the constitutional criteria for acceptance of new members together with the general guidelines for acceptance set out below. The Board may defer consideration of your application if in its judgment additional information is necessary. Compliance with the technicalities of application will not guarantee any applicant acceptance to membership. The Board will, however, endeavor to give every applicant thorough consideration seeking to encourage maximum growth and at the same time seeking to admit only new members that will be viable clubs.


30.2.1. Qualification

Any non-profit club of not less than hundred (100) members organized for the purpose of holding or managing cat shows and/or any other purposes consistent with those of The World Organization of Cats., may apply for membership as patronage or sub club member.

30.2.2. Submitting an application

President submits an application at

While submitting an application, you should: 

Make sure that, under local law, you act as a full-fledged representative of the organization, and have a copy of the supporting document ready, translated into english language and attached on every stage of your WOC participant registration.

Make sure that your club is not a member of other felinology organisations at the time of submitting your WOC application. Make sure that you have at least 100 participants at your club. At least 2 Club Board members contacts are to be listed. Following documents are required: A document confirming your official registration as a non-profit organisation, original language and verified english translation, it will be required during your application. A document confirming your payments made, sent to the General Secretary e-mail address. Other documents may be requested by the Board at any application stage.

30.2.3. Election to Membership

When the application and accompanying papers are received in proper form in the board, it shall then be submitted to the WOC Executive Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting for consideration. The Executive Board may vote to accept membership, vote not to accept, or delay consideration pending receipt of additional information. Any applicant not accepted by vote of the Executive Board upon first consideration or any subsequent consideration may appeal the vote to the delegates at the next scheduled annual meeting.

The Board shall, from time to time, formulate guidelines for acceptance of new clubs based upon such factors as: number of applicant’s charter members; extent of overlapping memberships in the applicant club and other WOC clubs; extent of breeding or exhibiting experience and participation in WOC activities among members; proposed geographical area of operation; The effect of formulation and acceptance on existing WOC member clubs.


30.3.1. The application form must be completed, signed, stamped and scanned. The application MUST be received in the WOC thirty (30) days before the date of the board meeting at which the application will be considered.
30.3.2. The members, board and club activists of the proposed club must be sufficiently distinct from the members, board and club activists of existing WOC clubs to establish to the Board’s satisfaction that the proposed club represents a new and distinct entity.
30.3.3. Prior experience and participation in WOC activities of a sufficient minimal level to insure a general working knowledge among members so the club may begin to participate in WOC activities upon acceptance is desirable.
30.3.4. The effect of acceptance to membership must not be detrimental to existing WOC members. The Executive Board will, however, seek to provide opportunity for healthy competition among member clubs. No hard and fast rules can be utilized because of the very different considerations that will prevail in the different areas where WOC has existing member clubs.
30.3.5. Board and Club Activists of a new clubs are to pass the official WOC New Club Seminar, explaining the actual WOC rules, show system and other provisions. At least one person from a club is to take the seminar (President, Secretary or similar). The New Club Seminar is only organised for club board, members may not apply.