Part 40 - Guidelines for consideration of cattery

40.1. No more than 2 different breeds can be registered in a cattery.
The need to register additional breeds in the cattery must be confirmed by the Breeder Committee.

40.2. Cattery name is an official name of a legal entity and should be treated as such, it is registered and subsequently protected after an application to the WOC. A cattery name is to also be registered in WOC software. Breeders are to provide the cattery name, breeder’s full name, as well as an e-mail and physical address complete with phone number to register. 

40.2.2. Up to 3 variations can be submitted at a time, submitted names will be checked for availability and eligibility. Names of people (except breeder’s own name), government or public offices, countries, cities, copyrighted intellectual properties and cat breeds are not allowed in cattery names due to legal reasons, as well as the word "cat" in different languages. 

40.2.3. The cattery name must contain no more than 16 digits and always come before the cat's name.

40.2.4. Those breeders with existing cattery names registered in different organisations are welcome to keep their cattery names upon joining the WOC. Should a similar cattery name be taken when they join - breeders would be asked to add their region code to cattery name. 

40.2.5. The office is sworn to respond to applications within 21 working days on a first come first serve basis. 

40.2.6. If a similar name is not published on the WOC portal — breeders are welcome to submit it as their cattery name.

40.2.7. It's strongly prohibited to issue WOC pedigree without WOC cattery registration. Please be sure that cattery was registrated with WOC.

40.3. Cattery name protection

40.3.1. A registered cattery name is protected throughout a 5 years period, a renewal request is filed after protection period. 

40.3.2. In case of a cattery name not being renewed, it will be removed from the WOC website. 

40.3.3. A small fee is required for renewal, as well as for cattery transfer between clubs.

40.4. Cattery name transfer

40.4.1. A cattery name may be transferred between breeders on contractual basis, contracts with both parties’ signatures are to be forwarded to WOC. Cattery names can be inherited, if a legal heir testifies and certifies their status. 

40.4.2. A small fee is required for cattery name transfer.

40.5. Name of the cat

40.5.1. Normally, cat names consist of a given name and a cattery name. 

40.5.2. Cat’s full name, given and cattery name included, can be up to 35 characters long. 

40.6. Position of the cattery name

40.6.1. Cattery name should come before the cat’s given name.

40.7. Cattery registration requirements:

40.7.1. Active WOC club membership

40.7.2. WOC Felinology Class passed (level Basic or above) or registered cattery under other felinologic system (5 years or older).

- Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA)
- The International Cat Association (TICA)
- Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe)
- Australian Cat Federation (ACF)
- Co-ordinating Cat Council of Australia (CCC of A)
- Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, United Kingdom (GCCF)
- New Zealand Cat Fancy (NZCF)
- Southern Africa Cat Council (SACC)
- World Cat Federation - (WCF)