Part 42 - Document processing

42.1. A Pedigree or a Kitten Pedigree should be given to a cat whose parents have their WOC pedigrees. 

Should parents have pedigrees from a different system, club is to reissue their pedigrees under WOC. Pedigree numbers should be automatically generated by Cat Office.

Should a parent have WOC Kitten Pedigree (Kitten Metric), club must first issue the parent with a full WOC pedigree.

Pedigrees issued by friendly systems are to be reissued, their original number preserved.

42.2. A WOC Title Certificate can only be issued to a cat with a WOC pedigree.

If a cat has a pedigree of another system, the club has to re-issue this pedigree if the club confirms it. The pedigree number should be automatically generated by the Cat Office.

Pedigrees of friendly systems must be reissued retaining the original number.

Friendly felinological systems:
- The Cat Fancier's Association, Inc. (CFA).