Highland Fold - SFL

This is a preliminary standard. 
Final version is to be approved by the Standard Commission, and will soon be published.


The Highland Fold is a longhaired variety of the Scottish Fold and is identical to it in type. 






Top of head 

Well rounded. Overall look should have a sweet, open expression. Top of the head is round both frontally and in profile. 

Muzzle and chin 

Well rounded, but not plump cheeks. Short and medium broad muzzle with well-rounded whisker pads. Allowance should be made for jowls in adult males. The chin is firm and rounded.  


The profile line starts from the round back of head, goes over the round top and rounded forehead. The nose break is pronounced, the nose is short, broad and straight. 


Large and round, broad in set (not less than one eye size) and well open, giving sweet expression to the face. Eye colour independent of coat colour except pointed (blue) and mink (aqua). Deep brilliant even colours are preferred. 



The rather small ears with slightly rounded tips are set very wide apart, tightly folded forward and downward in a cap-like fashion, emphasizing the round top of head.  





Size and boning 

Medium size, males can be slightly bigger than females, medium boning, well-muscled. 


Rectangular format. The torso is rounded, slightly elongated, of even width from shoulders to hips.  


Medium long. 

Legs and paws 

Strongly boned and of medium length. There should be no stiffness or lack of mobility due to distortion or rigidity in the leg bones and joints. Paws are neat and well rounded. 


Reaching at least to the shoulders, it ends in a rounded tip. It may not have thickened areas or stiffness and must be fully flexible from the base to the tip. 






Moderately long. 


Silky with abundant fine undercoat, light, not close lying but flowing off the body.  

Full coat on the body is desirable, but short hair is permissible on the face and legs. Britches, tail plume and toe tufts are desirable. 


All colours and patterns are recognized. Any amount of white is allowed. 


See General part. 





Special breed faults 

Long or narrow head.
Flat top of the head.
Flat forehead.
Deep nose stop.
Long Roman nose.
Narrow muzzle.
Heavy brow ridge (frown).
Pinched nostrils.
Small or deep set eyes.
Woolly coat texture, springy texture, standing ruff.
Rather short tail. 


Without certificates 

Poor muscle tone.
Partial inflexibility in any part of the tail excludes a CAC.
Strong similarity with other breeds (PER, BLH). 
Ears that stand off so that the round contours of the head are broken. 



Any apparent deformity of the spine.
Deformity of the skull resulting in an asymmetrical face and/or head.
Full inflexibility of the tail. 
Deformity of the skull resulting in an asymmetrical face and/or head.
Cow hocks. 
Absent toes or deformed paws. 



Mating between two Fold cats /SFL x SFL, SFS x SFS, SFL x SFS / is strictly forbidden. It is strongly recommended to use Scottish Straight/Highland Straight for breeding.
It is permitted to use British Shorthair / Longhair or American Shorthair as an outcross. It is not permitted to register kittens with straight ears as British Shorthair / British Longhair/ American Shorthair. They must be registered as Scottish Straight / Highland Straight, and it is not permitted to use these kittens for breeding British Shorthair / British Longhair. 



Scottish Straight and Highland Straight.