Felis-Historica e-Magazine May 6, 2021

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We are glad to show you a most interesting project courtesy of our friends and partners at «Felis-Historica e-Magazine».
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This first fully-fledged online monthly magazine is dedicated to preserving the history of all cat breeds and the welfare of all cats generally. It began after the covid lockdown occurred around the world, taking its conceptualisation from an existing collaboration between John Smithson’s «Harrison Weir Collection» and «The CFA Foundation», which runs the Feline Historical Museum in Alliance, Ohio; where it is currently situated in the same building as The Cat Fancier’s Association’s Central Office.

Although the magazine is the official magazine of the Harrison Weir Collection, it pools the resources of both organisations, plus the expertise of feline specialists in feline genetics, grooming, feline welfare, pedigree line-chasing, judging, and the vast printed and pictorial history of cats, held in both collections. Between them, these collections are arguably the repository of the most comprehensive list of feline related artifacts in the world, including irreplaceable antique show medals and awards, feline related art and ephemera, including show catalogues, stud-books, letters, original photos and pedigree data and so much more…

The collaboration, which has been in existence for several years, was responsible for the development of «The History Project», a web-site dedicated to Feline History, both of the cats themselves, but also of their breeders, and the Cat Fancy in general, including the clubs, people, and National organisations that form what is known today as the Cat Fancy around the world. The site, at www.cat-o-pedia.org was developed jointly but its Editors, which are Karen Lawrence, Manager of the Feline Historical Museum, and John Smithson, as curator of the Harrison Weir Collection. It provides an immense and continually expanding resource for those fanciers wishing to research the history of individual cats, within a variety of specific breeds. Between them, these collections store arguably the most comprehensive list of feline related artifacts in the world, including antique show medals and awards, feline related art and ephemera including show catalogues, stud-books, original photos and pedigree data and much much more…

Both Karen and John are feline history authors in their own right.

The first edition of «Felis Historica» was published online on July 1st, 2020 and since that time, has been published monthly. It contains articles written by both Karen and John (as Editor) as well as articles by well known Fanciers and Scientists who are specialists in their respective fields. Among them, have been regular genetics articles by Dr.Leslie Lyons, and breed articles by Lorraine Shelton, Orca Starbuck, and others. Every month the magazine celebrates a breed or breeds, both historical and their modern-day counterparts from today. It gives us a glimpse into the past, but also reminds us of the achievements of today. The magazine is generously supported by a host of world-renown columnists and contributors from all around the world and brings both colour and interest to the history of the cat fancy generally.

The magazine is only available on-line, it is a non-printable, non-downloadable production, which gives it unprecedented access to a host of copyright images, that would not otherwise be available in the public domain.

It is available through its own website at www.felis-historica.com from where anyone may subscribe, either on a month by month, or on an annual basis. It usually contains a minimum of 100 pages and often more, of topical feline-related material, including cat related hobbies and creative arts. If you would like to submit material for consideration, or have suggestions for content, please feel free to contact editor@felis-historica.com or message us via any of our collective Facebook pages!

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